Purlin System – This system is designed for attaching to all structural steel purlins and portal steel beams in commercial / Industrial construction sites.


With the adaptable clamps and fittings, installation can be varied to suite any situation where traditional systems fail to attach. Achieving valuable fall protection in places which may arise keeping workers safe from falls.


Concrete Bolt-On System – A simple and effective guard rail system which provides a physical barrier for edge protection on commercial / industrial sites.

Concrete Bolt-ons 1 Concrete Bolt-ons

The Bolt-on system is fixed to concrete tilt panels, slab or core filled block walls allowing the edge protection system to stay in place until work is completed.
The bolt-on system also provides a simple and effective edge protection barrier on mezzanine floors.


Containment – Whether skillion or pitched roofs, this system is suited to various metal roof profiles.

Re-Roof 1 Re-Roof 2

The Guardrail Re-Roof System allows protection from falls for solar panel installation, roof maintenance, air conditioning maintenance and the complete replacement of existing metal roofs.


Scaffold – Whether it’s tube & Coupler or kwik stage scaffold, we have a system that will suite any given situation for edge protection.

Scaffold 1 Scaffold 2


All our systems are fully certified and meet all OH&S requirements. The systems can be installed with minimal distruption to your work site

GAF Hire is your complete solution for Edge Protection requirements. From consultation, setup and dismantle. GAF Hire have all the solutions to your edge protection needs, from the initial project enquiry to project completion.