Top Plate System – The brick cavity or nil over hang System is fitted to the top plate.

Top Plate 1 Top Plate 2


Under Fascia System – The Under Fascia System is fitted to the rafters.

Under Fascia 1Under Fascia 2


Skillion or Gables – Are no problems for our stud brackets and timber bolt-Ons.

Gable Gear 1Timber Bolt-on 1


All the brackets come from under and around the fascia, all the systems adjust to gutter line and barge end configurations so as to not hinder the laying of the roof, whether it is tiles or metal. Importantly, this application protects the worker and prevents damage to the fascia and gutter that has already been installed. It also allows the roof to be fully completed without any interruption to the installation.

All our systems are fully certified and comply with all OH&S requirements.

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